Milena Toković gained a bachelor’s degree in sociology, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (2009), where she also received a master’s (2013) and doctoral degree (2020). She earned another master’s degree at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Management and Organization: marketing management and public relations. Further, she pursued advanced training at several summer schools and seminars (Summer schools: Democracy and Debate, SNSF; Exploring Belgrade: theory x discipline x method, LMU Munich/ University of Regensburg; Academy of Modern Management, Estiem, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organisational Sciences). She is working at the Institute for Sociological Research, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. She participated in several national and international research projects: Political leaders in European cities (Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities), Research and Innovative Strategies in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities (The World Bank), Eurostudent (University of Belgrade), European Social Survey (Institute of Sociological Research).