Dalibor Petrović, PhD (1973) is associate professor at the University of Belgrade. He received his bachelor, master and PhD (2012) degree in sociology from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy. He teaches Sociology and Sociology of e-communication at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and master course ICT and Social Networking at the department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy. He is also a visiting professor at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Dalibor Petrović is one of the leading Serbian researchers in the field of digital sociology. He is the author of the first book on social aspects of internet use in Serbia (U međumrežju, 2008). For his second book (Društvenost u doba interneta, 2013) he was awarded a Special Prize for scientific achievement in 2014 by the “Informatics Association of Serbia“ as a first sociologist ever who won this award. Also, the same book was runner up in the competition for the best book in the field of sociology organized by Serbian Sociological Society (2014). Furthermore, as author or co-author, he published more than 50 scientific papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings. He participated in a number of national and international research projects led by the European Commission, the London School of Economics, UNICEF-a, and others. As an expert in the field of ethics assessment of scientific research, he is engaged by the European Commission in the process of evaluating H2020 projects. From 2020 he is the editor in chief of Sociologija Journal.


Email: dalibor.petrovic@f.bg.ac.rs